BayFront Capital Partners, Ltd.
Bayfront Capital Partners, Ltd.

BayFront Capital Partners Ltd. (BayFront) is an investment banking boutique and advisory firm focused on providing complete capital market solutions for growth equity companies. Through three different service lines, BayFront seeks to work in partnership with management teams and holders of assets to create high impact companies that become publicly traded.

BayFront was created to address a specific gap in the marketplace. The Firm provides investment dealer services to companies that are in the early stages of development. Clients receive financial advisory services tailored to their specific market niche.

We are now partners with TSX Private Markets

A partnership with BayFront will:

- Provide a complete capital solution to fund the company’s development and growth plans.

- Create a strong shareholder base to raise additional capital in the future at better valuations.

- Position companies to raise additional capital in the future at better valuations.

- Provide further options through additional liquidity.

Strategic Partners

BayFront has relationships with a number of leading investment firms and is routinely pulled in to advise when the opportunity costs are too great for traditional investment firms to be involved in the nascent stages of development. BayFront provides these referring firms with a right of first refusal on the first "institutional" round of financing, thereby incubating businesses for Bay Street and Wall Street.

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